About Us

PC Services was founded by an independent group of IT enthusiasts in 1991, repairing computers and developing software for clients in Stellenbosch. This time also saw the launch of the world’s first website and “high-speed” internet at 14.4kbps!

The notebook trend emerged, and home users increased drastically leading to a higher demand in professional IT Services. PC Services were well prepared to apply our professional expertise to both home and corporate clients.

A decade later, in 2001, the first Apple stores opened and Windows XP was released. PC services now had a thriving team of experienced IT Technicians to deal with the new demand for a speedy internet connection along with that brand-new Windows XP PC.

Throughout the 2000’s, PC services stood the test of time as we continued to grow and learn, becoming able to handle any IT issue proficiently and effectively. As internet speeds went from 4MB Broadband to 100MB fibre connections, the need for faster internet and data availability led to the “cloud revolution” and many new cloud-based IT companies sprouted. Once again PC Services retained the loyal support of our clients as nothing can substitute experience.

In 2016, the company made some changes to further improve the quality of our services by reducing costs for clients, increasing productivity and perfecting service delivery. One of these changes was the appointment of a young, success driven CEO to inject a fresh energy and new life into the already rock-solid foundation and experienced technicians at PC Services.

We have since grown into a great team of certified and experienced technicians as well as dedicated sales, admin and finance functions to ensure customer satisfaction on all levels.

We continue to learn and adapt to new technologies so that our clients can keep up with the ever-changing future with quality IT support.

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Meet the Team

Izak Ferreira

The Analyst

Our CEO not only has a passion for golf, he also has a passion for IT systems in a real business environment.  His ability to analyse your systems and recommend changes based on your business needs makes him an asset not only for PC Services, but for your business too. Izak has been with the company since 2006. In 2011 he ventured into running his own company and managing another company before returning to manage PC Services in 2016. He has a background in IT, business and project management. Although being analytical takes time do not tell him it will take 2 minutes and then take 5 minutes.

Johan Lombard

The Cowboy

Boots, blue jeans, whisky and rock ‘n’ roll. One of the remaining founders of PC Services and still operating as CFO and Technical team lead. Started in ’94 before the company even changed to a CC, he is the grand-dad of PCS. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but J.L as known to his colleagues, has adapted to every change the IT world could throw at him.

Heinrich Venter

German Precision

In anything German you will see words like precision, craftsmanship and perfection. The same applies to Heinrich as he is known by his peers. Strict, precise and with an eye for detail he doesn’t miss anything. He has also been with PC Services from the beginning. Although he might seem strict Heinrich is also quite the humanitarian who is loved by his peers and clients alike.

Stephan van Rooyen

Afrikaner hart

Biltong, braaivleis, bakkies, rugby en kamp. Although IT is as far away from these as Britain is from South Africa, do not judge a book by its cover. Stephan has been with the company almost since the Springboks won our first world cup. He is proof that nothing beats experience. Our Microsoft Server expert and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Clients and peers will agree – “Sout van die Aarde”.

Juandre Mellet

The IT Crowd

Every I.T company needs the stereotypical IT guy. Juandre lives, eats and sleeps I.T. This means you are speaking to someone who knows what he is talking about and being with the company for more than 10 years, trust us he does know.

Jacques Barnard

Sporty Spice

Our head of sales with his hyper active personality might be able to beat you in any sport you dare to challenge him in, but he most likely will sell you a laptop while doing so. If you need anything he is your guy.

Rouche Fouche

The Prodigy

Living up to the title Rouché was handpicked and trained by the CEO. Learning faster than Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars he is everyone’s right hand man. Whether it’s new infrastructure, migration planning or your day to day IT queries he is always willing to assist and will find the right solution.

Roz Angus

The Granny

Roz has been here as long as we can remember, but don’t dare calling her “Tannie” she will not understand it anyway. As Welsh as they come nothing gets past our accountant and she runs a very tight ship!

Irma Keiller

Office Administrator

The title does not really do Irma justice. Being receptionist and administrator for a bunch of men with calls coming in by the minute, I would love to see any average receptionist handling that kind of pressure and still managing to sort out all the work and personal admin for all the members.

Reinhard Stemmet

The Transporter

Although he is new to PC Services and stepping in as Logistics manager at the end of 2018, do not underestimate his IT knowledge and his willingness to learn.